Tips To Stay Fit During The Holiday Season


As the holiday season swings into full effect, holiday food and parties come to mind. This can either make you happy or give you anxiety depending on your mindset. The good news is that you don’t have to sacrifice good food and time with your family to stay in shape during the holidays. All you need is a good plan and mindset to stay on track. No one wants to feel deprived during the holidays, after all…. It is the happiest season of all. Follow these tips to help you stay in shape this holiday season:

  • Use the extra calories to fuel your work outs. Take a Barbell Club or Triple A class and use this opportunity to get stronger and build lean muscle tissue that will help you stay lean after the holidays have already passed. Increased muscle mass helps increase your resting metabolic rate which means you burn more calories while you are resting

  • Bring your own side dishes. If you get the opportunity to bring a dish to a party take it! This will assure that there will be at least one healthy meal and make it easier to pair with the main course.

  • Don’t skip out on the fruits and veggies. Eating your fruits and vegetables can help you manage your appetite during holiday parties. If you load up on these first you will be less likely to over eat higher calorie foods since fruits and veggies help keep you satisfied longer.

  • Opt for lower calorie alcoholic beverages. Be careful with drinking too many high calorie cocktails. Not only are they high in calories and sugar, but alcohol impairs your judgment and you will be likely to eat more. Instead be moderate with the alcohol and opt for the light beer , vodka and soda or skinny margaritas to save some calories while still enjoying yourself.

  • Don’t let one meal/party/day turn into a cheat weekend/week/month. Don’t let one “bad” decision derail your entire progress. One bad meal or day isn’t the end of the world. What is important is getting back on the wagon with your training and eating right after.

  • Moderation is key. Be mindful of your portions and you will be able to enjoy yourself without sabotaging your fitness goals. That said avoid certain foods that may trigger you to overeat.

  • Limit your splurging to one event per week. If you know the office holiday party is a week away, don’t spend the days leading up to it finding any and every reason to eat all the holiday snacks your co workers bring to the office. Don’t let that office holiday pumpkin pie turn into breakfast pie.

Remember that successfully reaching your goals involves more than just diet and training. Ultimately long term lifestyle changes is what will make the difference in achieving your goals. So as long as you’re doing what you’re suppose to do at least 90% of the time , then moderately enjoying yourself at a holiday party or two shouldn’t destroy your progress.


Stephanie B.Comment